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Historic Projects

We want to encourage and support people who, like us, want to restore and preserve the historic New England past.  Our education, experience and passion for historic homes and preservation can help you understand and navigate the requirements, process and best approach for preserving or restoring the property while renovating it to update it for your needs.  We can work with you to create a solution with the feel of tradition blended with modern construction and amenities.  We design to retain and enhance the home's character and to adapt your home so you can enjoy it for years to come.  


Many multifamily projects require municipal and neighborhood community review of exterior design to ensure the project fits the architectural context of the area. Traditional design is frequently the best approach and we can produce effective designs and renderings for meetings and  presentations in order to gain approvals for projects to be built, as well as for real estate marketing purposes. 

Historically Appropriate Renovations 

Modifying or remodeling the historic houses of New England requires a sensitive approach to design. While the exact original details of old houses can often not be duplicated, a design approach compatible to traditional examples can achieve a design appropriate to the original architecture.

Compatible Additions

Additions to traditional houses can be in a modern style not related to the original house, but usually it is far better to design a compatible new addition in keeping with the old house. Scale and proportion of elements are critical considerations as much as details such as trim and moldings. The best designs combine the interior layout with the exterior appearance so there are no jarring design elements and achieve a seamless appearance.